WE STAND TOGETHER. Support for the medical community.

In the context of the pandemic, hospitals need more and more materials, from equipment to daily supplies, to manage the spread of coronavirus cases and to prevent new infections. Hundreds of people and dozens of companies donated and Beard Brothers volunteers used the funds to search for and purchase first aid supplies. So far, 1 pulmonary ultrasound, 2 videolaryngoscopes, 2800 FFPS valve masks, 1704 protective glasses, 1268 liters of hand sanitizer have been delivered to hospitals in Cluj and other equipment is ordered or being delivered.

“We love running, we love the mountains, but most of all we love to be of help to the community we belong to. Every donation that goes into Beard Brothers accounts is a hugely important helping hand for the heroes in hospitals who sacrifice their health on a daily basis. You can be a hero by donating! ” Cornel Hoza, President, Beard Brothers Association

Choose to donate for the fundraiser in Cluj county (Cluj-Napoca, Turda, Huedin, Câmpia Turzii) or for the cities of Arad, Brașov, Suceava.

Every donation counts!

[Donations are now closed]


We feel grateful for your generosity! Your race fee donations have amounted to 10774 lei! According to your choice, each fee was transferred to the preferred city , as follows:

👏 Cluj county / 6466 lei

👏 Suceava / 2873 lei

👏 Brașov / 1025 lei

👏 Arad / 410 lei

Beard Brothers Association will use this cash to buy sanitary equipment for the medical teams operating in the first line.

You rock!