WE STAND TOGETHER. Make a donation here!

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WE STAND TOGETHER. Support for the medical community. In the context of the pandemic, hospitals need more and more materials, from equipment to daily supplies, to manage the spread of coronavirus cases and to prevent new infections. Hundreds of people and dozens of companies donated and Beard Brothers volunteers used the funds to search

Join us at the reafforestation campaign in Vilcele!

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Dear friends, The activities scheduled for Saturday, March 14, in Vâlcele for the msg Marathon Apuseni community and volunteers are canceled. The reafforestation will take place in a restricted setting, ONLY with Turda Forestry employees. The measures are being taken by the county authorities to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for your

Carpathian Circuit 2020 Gala | Discover the races in the circuit!

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The Carpathian Circuit is a challenge addressed to runners and outdoor sports lovers to discover the mountain massifs in Romania, the diverse and unique landscape of the Carpathians. Whether you running to discover your limits, whether you have recently fell for mountain running, you will surely find something to your liking at the 15

The msg Apuseni Marathon team is present at the Ultra-Trail® Show!

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Part of the msg Apuseni Marathon team is now on-location in Mont Blanc for the Salon Ultra-Trail®, organised within the frame of UTMB®.For 4 days, we have the chance to meet over 10.000 runners from all around the world and share with them some of the secrets of running in the Transylvanian nature.You can meet

Success is the result of mindset, skill and execution- Philipp Kandal | Telenav

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Human and organisational performance is a subject of many research studies and has a literature of its own. We often wonder what makes top performers achieve. How do we define success? Often, in competitive environments like sports, and even more particular in running, it comes down to being among the first to cross the finish

2019 msg Apuseni Marathon prize fund

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msg Apuseni Marathon surprises continue! At the 9thedition of the popular trail running competition, the organisers increase the prizes for the winners of the technical races!An awards fund of 4650 euro will be distributed to ultra, marathon and half marathon winners of the OPEN category. Prizes for age groups at ultra, marathon, half marathon as

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