Be a volunteer! Support the mountain running community!

msg Maraton Apuseni invites you to join the team of volunteers who organize the trail running competition that passes through small villages, hills, rivers and peaks of the Apuseni Mountains. Regardless of your experience in organizing educational or sports events, we gladly welcome you in our team! You can choose the area you wish to volunteer in – the base camp at Buscat Resort  or on the course in the Muntele Baisorii, Sagagea or Izvorul Belioarei areas. You can also choose a certain activity you want to get involved in, or maybe learn about. Continue reading the brief description of each opening where we need your help, fill in the volunteers form and read details about the competition on the website, especially the sections about the Rules, Races and Registrations. This information will be very useful during your volunteering time at the  edition of msg Maraton Apuseni.

Areas you can choose at msg Maraton Apuseni:

Buscat basecamp

This is the ”command center” of the competition, where you will experience the full dynamics of the event, since a lot of activities take place here, in parallel. You can choose to get involved in:

On the course: Muntele Baisorii, Sagagea or Izvorul Belioarei

If you preffer volunteering ”remote”, we invite you to join the teams that run the seven check posts, the hydration posts or the six refreshment posts on the course, the team of mobile fotographers or the team of ”closers”. While volunteering in these teams you will fully enjoy the picturesque sceneries the Apuseni Mountains offer to the wandering eye!

If you want to enjoy the picturesque scenery of the Apuseni Mountains but do not want to run a race, if one of the openings if of interest to you, and, moreso, if you want to join the big msg Apuseni Marathon family, fill in the form in the bottom of the page and Anca Brisan, the volunteers coordinator will answer shortly.