Dear friends,

The activities scheduled for Saturday, March 14, in Vâlcele for the msg Marathon Apuseni community and volunteers are canceled. The reafforestation will take place in a restricted setting, ONLY with Turda Forestry employees. The measures are being taken by the county authorities to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for your understanding and for your involvement! We are waiting for you at the following activities dedicated to the community.

The msg Marathon Apuseni team

On Saturday, March 14, 2020, we return for the third year in a row to Vâlcele, Cluj, where we continue the reafforestation action started in 2018. This year’s parcel is at the following GPS coordinates: lat.46.693645, long.23.597270 where we wait you starting 09:00 am. Let’s spend the day together with the msg Marathon community. We will have a lovely day outdoors at activities, relax in the hammocks and enjoy one of the best

• How do you get to the planting area?

You can join the event by car (let us know if you have room for other participants), by bus or by bicycle.

The colleagues from the Romanian Alpine Club Cluj Branch are preparing a bike tour, starting from Unirea Sports Base. The tour will start at 08:00 from Mănăștur and will follow the red band route.

At the end of the day, if you love hiking, the volunteers group Potecatorii will accompany you back to Cluj in a relaxing walk.

Tell us in the form here how you plan to go to the event, to organize ourselves best:

• What do you find at the event?

A great atmosphere, socializing with friends and our community members, having fun in the  in the relaxation area that will be adorned with hammocks.

• How can you get involved?

1. You can donate an amount of your choice to support this cause. Donations can be made in lei, by accessing the page donate

There you have to click on the Donate by bank card button.

P.S. a minimum recommended donation can also be made at the time of enrolling in one of the May races, by ticking the option “donate 10 lei” for the social cause.

Or, you can donate directly to the account of the association Club Sportiv Alpin Universitar, CIF: 36968815, bank account opened at BCR, IBAN: RO27RNCB0106153476500001. For payment details please mention: reafforestation msg Marathon Apuseni 2020.

2. You can join the activities on March 14 and join us in Vâlcele. Please sign up for the form here:

Later on, the msg Maraton Apuseni volunteers coordinator will contact you for further details.

• What do we do for the community?

Find out more about the cause here:

For any questions, you can write to us at

The event is organized by msg Maraton Apuseni, Romanian Alpine Club Cluj Branch, msg systems Romania in collaboration with the National Directorate of Forests – Romsilva, CERT Transilvania and the volunteer group Potecatorii.