The Carpathian Circuit is a challenge addressed to runners and outdoor sports lovers to discover the mountain massifs in Romania, the diverse and unique landscape of the Carpathians. Whether you running to discover your limits, whether you have recently fell for mountain running, you will surely find something to your liking at the 15 events gathered in the circuit.

If you are an ultramarathon runner, msg Maraton Apuseni brings you a new challenge this year, in the form of 87 km and 4430 m D + of mountain trails from the spectacular nature reserve Scărița – Belioara. The gpx track can be downloaded from here and to register, use the form here. Of the 150 seats available, half are already reserved.

You will find ultramarathon races at Ultra Trail Fagaras (110 km, 8000m D +, teams, biennial event), Ciucaș X3 (108km, 4398m D +, individual, teams, relay) or Harghita Trail Running (70 km, 3000m D +).

Marathoners have a wider range of options, starting with the Piatra Craiului Marathon (MPC), an event that gave the start to mountain running competitions in Romania, in 2006. Piatra Craiului mountains greet the runners with a limestone maze made up of rocky corners, needles, pyramids, edges, towers and the visual spectacle is complemented by impressive steepness, valleys, gorges and natural arches. MPC is considered one of the most difficult marathons in the circuit and in 2020 it will be organized as a non-competitive race.

Brașov Marathon will take you on a run to Postăvarul Peak, at Cindrel in Alergare you will reach Cindrel Peak 2244 m through the dense network of paths from one of the most important pastoral regions in the Romanian Carpathians while at Harghita Trail Running you will enjoy the views offered by the heights of the Oriental Carpathians.

At the Mureṣ-Olt Marathon you run in the Giurgeu and Hăşmaş mountains in the area between the two rivers, while at Hit the Egg – Oușoru Challenge you will discover the area between Dornelor and the Suhard mountains.

In Apuseni, msg Marathon Apuseni offers a running circuit with technical sections in the area “La Stânci” while the sporting, ecological, socio-cultural event Roșia Montană Maraton offers you a starting trail run from Roșia Montană – a locality on the list of proposals for Heritage UNESCO.

Shorter courses, around 30 km can be founds at the Bate Toaca Marathon, where you can run the trails of Ceahlău Mountains; at Retezat Marathon, Cozia Mountain Run and Festival Sport Montan Săcele, the newest event in the Carpathian Circuit. You can find vertical races at Rodney Sky Race and Festival Sport Montan Săcele.

Participants at half-marathon or cross-country races do not accumulate points for the Carpathian Circuit final year standings, but they do benefit from most choice, almost every competition in the circuit hosts a race dedicated to those who have recently discovered the taste of mountain running. Of course, small runners are encouraged to develop an early love of nature and movement, a race to family or children is also found in the program of events on the circuit.

The races included in the Carpathian Circuit receive different scores depending on the category (individual, teams, night race) or race coefficient, given by the length of the route, altitude gain and number of participants (Carpathian Circuit Rules & Regulations). At the end of each year, the best runners are awarded prizes during the gala organized by circuit members, on rotation.

Carpathian Circuit 2020 Gala

The Carpathian Circuit Gala and the awards ceremony for the 2019 athletes took place on February 1, 2020 in Borșa, Maramures County. The Gala was hosted by our friends from  Rupicapra Mountain Sports Club, representing the event Rodnei Sky Race.

The best 10 runners (female & male) who participated in the circuit races were awarded prizes during the gala. All winners receive automatic free participation at msg Marathon Apuseni 2020 races and almost all races in the Carpathian Circuit 2020.

2019 Carpathian Circuit Rankings | Female 

  1. Irimia Mihaela (Sinaia)
  2. Buzgan Crina (Covurlui)
  3. Șulea Lavinia (Făgăraș)
  4. Milos Mioara (Reșița)
  5. Lefter Vasilica (Brașov)
  6. Malai Viorica (Cluj-Napoca)
  7. Moțoiu Linda (Reșița)
  8. Chihaia Maria (Iași)
  9. Bogdan Rodica Emilia (Timișoara)
  10. Tuzson Ágnes (Târgu Secuiesc)

2019 Carpathian Circuit Rankings | Male

  1. Macarie Ștefan Nicu (Tarcău)
  2. Iloiu Ilie (Petroșani)
  3. Codrea Gheorghe (Petroșani)
  4. Sovereșan Andrei-Grațian (Cluj-Napoca)
  5. Sălăgean Ștefan (Bistrița-Bârgăului
  6. Miron Cornel (Cluj-Napoca)
  7. Sztranyiczki Gabor (Cluj-Napoca)
  8. Neguș Ovidiu (Cluj-Napoca)
  9. Husariu Ionuț-Alexandru (Bicazu Ardelean)
  10. Țilea Pepi (Zărnești)

The Carpathian Circuit charitable initiative

The Carpathians Circuit started a new project at the initiative of Geta Manolache, thus, seven young people were rewarded with special prizes for outstanding sporting results in 2019.

  • Sándor Bak (Borsa) 
  • Bogdan Ușurelu (Lupeni)
  • Fabian Mihăilă (Lupeni)
  • Ștefania Sălăgean (Bistrița)
  • Andrei Macarie (Tarcău, NT)
  • Alex Teodorescu (Sibiu)
  • Marian Costache (Zărnești)

Dates for almost all races in the circuit have been announced and with this occasion the organizers of the Marathon 7500 announced that in 2020 the event will not take place.

  • Brasov Marathon: April 25
  • msg Marathon Apuseni: May 30
  • Rosia Montana Marathon: June 20
  • Marathon Bate Toaca: July 18
  • Cozia Mountain Run: June 27
  • Rodnei Sky Race: July 4
  • Cindrel in Running: TBA
  • Retezat Marathon: August 1st
  • Hit the Egg: August 15
  • Hargita Trail Running: August 29th
  • Ciucas X3: September 12
  • Mures Olt Marathon: September 26
  • Piatra Craiului Marathon: October 3 – memorial race (non-competitional)
  • Festival Sport Montan Sacele: October 17 – new race

We would like to thank our hosts – Rupicapra Mountain Sports Club – for organizing the gala and the runners for their presence! We encourage all nature lovers  to register with confidence to one of the races in the Carpathian Circuit. The runs will take you through some of the most beautiful trails of the Carpathians!

See you on the mountain trails!