msg Marathon Apuseni celebrates 10 years in 2020! On the occasion of the anniversary edition, the Romanian Alpine Club Cluj Branch and the official partner msg Romania are getting ready with a series of news.

1. NEW ORGANIZATION AREA – due to the increase in the number of participants and partners at the event, the new area for the competition is Buscat Resort and the surrounding plateau. This will allow us to better mark the areas within the festival, depending on the activities: competitors space, camping, exhibition area, relaxation and entertainment.

2. NEW COURSES. The ultramarathon course was extended, from 73 km to 87 km and the cross race from 7 km to 12 km. The rest of the courses remain similar in distance but the start and the arrival will be from Șesu Cald and the direction of running is the reverse of previous editions. The routes can be seen here.


  • Transport by bus from Cluj-Napoca to Buscat Resort and return, which can be paid with the participation fee, for only 24 lei. Competitors are encouraged to reserve seats for themselves and supporters by checking the option on the registration form found here. Together, organizers and participants can reduce the impact of pollution on the environment! In 2019 alone, over 500 cars were parked in Muntele Băișorii Resort, exceeding the reception capacity of the resort. It is also well known that access to personal cars in the competition area will be restricted. By choosing public transport you can make your arrival and stay at msg Maraton Apuseni more comfortable!
  • Recycling and selective collection. The products used in the base camp area and on the route will be recycled like the previous edition. In the contest area there will be properly marked containers (plastic / cardboard / glass / biodegradable) and participants are invited to use them with confidence. 🙂 The disposable plastic cups from the feeding points have been eliminated and will not be reintroduced, which is why we recommend all competitors to complete their competition kit with a reusable can / glass early.

4. LIVE TRACKING. Competitors who would like to be followed online by their support team or family can select in the registration form the option live tracking through the Racelog app ( IOS / Android) for 5 euro or live tracking through a device rented by the organizer 15 euro.

5. ACTIVITIES FOR THE COMMUNITY. The refforestation that takes place at the beginning of each spring will be organized in 2020 and if you want to support the cause you can do so through a donation (active option in the registration form or by using the link on the page dedicated to the social cause, where you find the history of actions msg Marathon Apuseni dedicated to the community.

6. COMMUNITY MEETINGS. We continue to prepare for the races in the company of top athletes and mountaineering specialists. The exact dates of the meetings will be communicated in advance in the news section of the website and on the social media accounts Facebook / Instagram.

We hope you enjoy this news and we look forward to celebrating 10 years of mountain running together in Apuseni!