For immediate release – Cluj-Napoca, May 27, 2019

  • The 9th edition of msg Apuseni Marathon brought 1911 amateur and pro runners to the starting line of the 5 races: ultramarathon (73,6km), marathon (43,7km), half marathon (21,1k), the 7k Telenav cross and family race (3.2km). Approximately 1000 supporters were also present at the event
  • The winners this year were Elena Alexandra Ungureanu and Serghei Dzero (ultramarathon), Crina Buzgan and Andrei Soveresan (marathon), Mihaela Botezan and Robert Hajnal ( half marathon), Viorica and Viorel Timiș (cross)
  • despite adverse weather warnings, the races had no major incidents 
  • there were 40 kg of plastic bottles, 110 kg of carton, and 10 kg (roughly 800 pieces) of aluminum cans selectively collected throughout the event. 
  • the anniversary edition marking the 10th year of the competition is set for May 23, 2020, and will be launched at Salon Ultra-Trail at UTMB

msg Apuseni Marathon took place on Saturday, May 25, 2019, in Baisoara Mountain Resort. Approximately 1900 runners and 1000 supporters were present at the most popular mountain running festival in Transylvania. The event is organized by Clubul Alpin Român Secția Universitară Cluj along with the official partner msg România and numerous sponsors and partners. 

As a result of the campaign launched in 2018 to reduce the competition’s impact on the environment, in 2019 the organizers removed plastic cups from the courses and selectively collected waste, totalling up to 40 kg of plastic bottles (2000 pieces), 110 kg of carton and 10 kg of aluminum cans (800 pieces). Also, a compost area was dug where biodegradable remains were berried. 

Routinely filled with activities for all ages, msg Apuseni Marathon hosted a special movie projection from TMF Transylvania Mountain Festival, which served as an invitation for participants to take part in the second edition of the film festival, set for November 22-24 2019. 

The 10th-anniversary edition of the competition is scheduled for May 23, 2020, and will be launched during Salon Ultra Trail UTMB, where it will be the first Romanian competition present at the famous event. 

The team would like to give special thanks to this edition’s ambassadors, the ultramarathon runners Viorica Henry and Robert Hajnal, who took part in the community meetings from Cluj-Napoca. We’d also like to wish them luck for the World Championships on June 8, 2019. Our thanks also extend to Mihnea Prundeanu and Dinu Mititeanu for their involvement in the civic campaign ‘Run and Vote’, and the many volunteers, partners, and sponsors: 

Consiliul Județean Cluj și Salvamont Cluj ,Telenav,  Pro Nutrition, NIVEA MEN,  Pensiunea Skiland, Petras Bio, Izvorul Minunilor, Alpin Expe, Columbia, Nutrend, MOUNTEX, Adrenalin Park, Garmin, SportGuru, ZuMont, La Sportiva, BLife, Panemar,  Elfst,  Adventure Camps, Camps4u, Centrala de Escaladă, Skai Urban Crag, Gravity, Cărturești, Fast Track Kids, 5 minute de miscare, Cool Camper,  Exploratoriu, Mr Nicu Edutainer, Transylvania Mountain Festival, Ture cu Caiacul.

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msg Apuseni Marathon 2019 RESULTS


  1. Elena Alexandra Ungureanu 9:45:17,67
  2. Valeria Alina Rusu 10:02:18,07
  3. Mihaela Bodnariu 10:21:28,73


  1. Serghei Dzerro   7:48:05.19
  2. Ciprian Ionuț Nedea  8:28:33.03
  3. Adrian Costea  8:50:29.31
  4. Petruț Alex Cosmin 8:54:11.57
  5. Alin Cîrdei 9:00:16.65


  1. Crina Buzgan: 5:03:28.39
  2. Lavinia Șulea 5:33:30.35
  3. Mihaela Irimia 6:14:34.08


  1. Andrei-Gratian Soveresan 4:25:28.60
  2. Gheorghe Codrea 4:34:34.11
  3. Ovidiu Negus 4:34:49.92


  1. Mihaela Botezan 1:55:24.94
  2. Viorica Malai 1:58:28.67
  3. Petra Zagrean 2:00:13.86


  1. Robert Hajnal 1:37:55.29
  2. Slovak Ianco 1:39:18.13
  3. Cosmin Chereches 1:42:50.63


  1. Ionela Viorica 37:49.52
  2. Dobrita Bianca 44:44.62
  3. Komjatszegi Sára Szabó 44:55.54


Gelu Viorel Timiș 32:48.71

Levente Ianosi 36:32.52

Stancescu George 37:16.40

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