Human and organisational performance is a subject of many research studies and has a literature of its own. We often wonder what makes top performers achieve. How do we define success? Often, in competitive environments like sports, and even more particular in running, it comes down to being among the first to cross the finish line.  However, a place on the podium or a project successfully led to an end are just the tip of the iceberg and the result of long hours of hard work, dedication and a commitment to continuous learning. Both athletes and organisations go through this process in order to become the best in their fields. 

Since like minds get together, we have sat down with Telenav, our newest partner at msg Apuseni Maraton and General Manager, Philipp Kandal to talk about the motivation in joining the event as a sponsor of the 7K race. 

Why partner wih the  Romanian Alpine Club Cluj University Section as a sponsor of the 7 k race ?

Philipp Kandal : Because people in Telenav are smart, competent and fun, working hard to be great at what we are doing. A running competition like msg Apuseni Marathon, is an opportunity for all to exceed personal goals and connect with passionate and energetic people determined to become the best versions of themselves. 

What is the mindset at Telanav and how do you think it is similar that of great runners?

Philipp Kandal : We believe that the mindset of the great runners, who conquer the obstacles of the mountains, is the same mindset of great performers in a dynamic field such as connected location based technologies.

At Telenav we strongly believe the right people, the right mindset and excellent execution can drive success and innovation.

Just like in sports and running, we trust that everyone is motivated to do a great job and challenge each other respectfully, as we strive to be better every day.

Also, performance is strong related with vision about who we want to become on a long run. And that means that we think big and we are not afraid to make mistakes but learn form them, and proactively share learning. We work continuously to develop our skills and help offer the same support for growth for other. 

Telenav invests in the local community in Cluj-Napoca. What are your main interests ?

Philipp Kandal : We are involved in the development of the local community by supporting education, innovation, STEM cause (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), entrepreneurship, creativity, new business ideas and we also encourage  performance and the  building of connections, all of which we can meet in sports and competitions. 

Thank you for this interview and Telenav for joining forces with the mountaineering and sports community in Cluj-Napoca. We wish Team Telenav good luck at the races! See you at the start ! 

Author : Anca Berlo


About Telenav

Telenav is a global team made up of automotive, mobile, and cloud experts located in major innovation hotspots around the world. Every day, Telenav teams drive the company forward by following their core values, which encompass having the right people, the right mindset, and excellence in execution. Their culture embraces diversity, hard work, new ideas, and collaboration. Telenav takes pride in being customer-obsessed, they strive to always challenge themselves to do better, and they take time to celebrate their successes together.