Official Partner of Maraton Apuseni

msg Romania

The IT company msg Romania, part of the German concern AG, established in Cluj-napoca in October 2008, counted in 20017 over 400 employees with an average age of 27. In its offices in Cluj, Târgu Mureș and Timișoara, msg develops projects for the German market and for customers all around the world, in many areas of business.

Among the services offered count: software development and consultancy using Java, SAP, .NET technologies, mobile apps, software testing, system administration, technical support and financial operations.

At a global scale, msg has more than 6000 employees hired in 25 countries and a 821 milion Euro turnover. Some of the most important clients of the company are: Audi, BMW, Daimler, VW, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Finanz Informatik, Daimler Chrysler Bank, Deutsche Post, ADAC, Munich RE, Vienna Insurance Group, Allianz, Achmea și ING.

Central office: msg România SRL

Str. Samuel Brassai, nr.9, Cluj-Napoca

400104 Cluj Napoca

The relationship between msg Romania – Maraton Apuseni

Concerning the connection between Maraton Apuseni and msg, I think that both parts were a perfect match from the beginning, and after that, both started to like each other. We made a strong connection with the organizing team and I think that we managed to work efficiently together quickly. We appreciated and enjoyed a lot the enthusiasm that the organizers of the marathon had at that point, especially because, since it was the first edition, they were strongly based on the volunteer work and the organizers’ personal contribution. I think that out partnership came at the right moment. Having implemented only one edition of the marathon, the organizing team was searching for a partner to offer support and a sense of stability for the future. We were glad to have identified a manifestation that would fit the specifics of our team and of our company, one that would be representative for the Cluj area, and one with which we would be proud to associate our identity and name. We are still pleased about this collaboration that has already been active for 8 years.


Radu Jinga, Manager General msg România