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Muntele Baisorii resort

The mountain resort can be found in the place where the Gera brook springs (source of the Ierța valley), on the heights that start towards East from Buscat peak (1676 m), on the territory of the Băișoara commune (Cluj county), at 46 degrees and 32 minutes Nordic latitude and 23 degrees and 19 minutes Eastern longitude, at an altitude between 1200 and 1400 m. The main hotel of the resort is located at 1345 m altitude, not at 1385 m altitude, as it appears in many writings, which is actually the altitude of the old challet. The view is large, open to the Transylvanian Plain, the Turzii Gorges and further horizons. During good visibility conditions one can admire Maramureș, Țibles, Rodnei, Călimani and Făgăraș Mountains and sometimes even the Wooded Carpathians, Gutâi, Suhard, Harghita or Ciucaș Mountains. From the nearby peaks one can see during clear skies Șureanu, Parâng or Retezat mountains and during exceptional conditions, even the High Tatras.


Various sports and games can be practiced in the area, however the mountain sports prevail, since the mountains offer many possibilities, especially for hiking, alpine skiing, ski touring, mountain biking, paragliding. Nordic skiing, alpinism and speleology can be practiced as well, but on a lesser scale.


Muntele Mare Massif constitutes the oldest area of Apuseni Mountains. Together with Bihor Mountain and Vlădeasa Mountains, they form the orographical pivot of the Apuseni, by dominating as a bastion the surrounding areas (Arieșului Valley, Iara basin – Vlaha – Săvădisla, Huedin basin). The dominant note of the relief is given by the large spread of the leveling surfaces, represented by large peaks resembling plateaus, and valleys in great depth, straight-like (Iara Valley, Someșulu Rece Valley, etc). Traces of the long evolution of these mountains can be found in the three syncronous leveling surfaces, in the Meridional Carpathians: Fărcaș – Cârligați (at 1600 – 1800 m altitude), remarcably flat, Mărișel – Măguri (1000 – 1300 m), presenting many scattered small villages, and Feneș (600-800 m), less developped. Being surrounded by low basin areas and deep valleys, Muntele Mare (The Great Mountain) seems to rise higher and to be more massive than it really is. The maximum altitude can be registered on the top of Muntele Mare, at 1826 m, the third highest point in the Apuseni Mountains, after Cucurbăta Mare (1849 m) and Vlădeasa (1836 m).

To get to Băișorii Mountain resort, choose one of the following routes

from Cluj-Napoca – exit towards Oradea – continue on E60 after Florești – turn left at the crossroad leading to Luna de Sus and Buru – pass through Vlaha – Lita – Liteni – Băișoara – turn right towards Muntele Băișorii village – reach Muntele Băișorii resort

from Oradea – take E60 almost reaching Cluj-Napoca – pass through Gilau – turn right at the crossroad leading to Luna de Sus and Buru – pass through Vlaha – Lita – Liteni – Băișoara – turn right towards Muntele Băișorii village – reach Muntele Băișorii resort

rom Alba-Iulia – Aiud: downtown Aiud turn left towards Poiana – Cheile Aiudului – Vălișoara – Colțești – Rimetea. Once reached in the Arieș valley, turn left towards Buru, on exiting the village turn right towards Iara – Băișoara. From Băișoara turn left towards Muntele Băișorii village, then to the resort.

from Turda – drive towards Mihai Viteazu – Buru. On exiting Buru turn right towards Băișoara. From Băișoara turn left towards Muntele Băișorii village, then to the resort.

Arrival in the mountain resort is done on a modernised road that parts from DJ 107km (the 107th km of the District Route) in Băișoara and climbs for 10 km on the Ierța Valley until Muntele Băișorii village, and next for another 8 km until the mountain resort. Total distance Cluj-Napoca – Muntele Băișorii resort: 60 km.

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Muntele Baisorii

Starting 2020 the competition base camp will be set at Buscat Ski & Summer Resort.

The previous base camp, Skiland boarding house offers the comfort of a 4 stars hotel and has a boarding capacity of 54 places. The pension is composed of a restaurant serving traditional Romanian meals (60 places capacity), a rustic wine cellar (48 places), a conference room, one games room, has wireless internet, an outside terrace (30 places), a pavilion (40 places) and a parking lot.

Other boarding houses where you can find accommodation: , Hotel AlpinPensiunea NicoletaPensiunea TamasPensiunea AndreeaCabana La Nicula, Cabana Roua Băișoara. Check also RoTurism or Turist Info.

Camping – At Hotel Alpin, near the Centre for Tourist Information, with lavatory acces. 

Valea Ierii

If you do not find accomodation in Muntele Băișorii mountain resort, you can choose to reserve a place at the boarding houses nearby Băișoara – Valea Ierii area, at approximatelly 25 km distance from Băișoara. The road towards the village starts from the Băișoara commune. The area is very picturesque, offering the visitor the Apuseni specific scenery. The road passes by smaller villages like Moara de Pădure or Frăsinet. It is an area with many rustic boarding houses, offering traditional meals. The homemade bread and the common elder juice prepared during the months of May and June should be available in the menu of most pensions in the area.

If you prefer a more isolated destination for accommodation, but close enough to the one where the marathon is taking place, Valea Ierii can be your choice. We recommend a series of boarding houses but we also advise you to check online for recommendations about the quality of the service before making a reservation. May is a busy month, we advise you to make your reservation well in advance at:  Pensiunea LaraPensiunea Ursoaia or other boarding houses.