In the context of the current sanitary restrictions, the Romanian Alpine Club Cluj Branch and the official partner msg Romania decided to postpone the 10th anniversary edition of msg Marathon Apuseni for May 28-29, 2022. To compensate for not racing in May 2021, the organizers  are preparing during this summer a permanent marking of the marathon 44,1km and half marathon 21,3km trails, which will be launched in the form of a tourist route, via a mountain running competition on September 18, 2021, at Buscat Resort.

Since the organizers wish to prepare the 10th anniversary edition of msg Marathon Apuseni respecting the sanitary rules imposed by the authorities, and given the scale of the event that hosts about 2000 runners plus their supporters, the only solution that allows for a safe organization of all people involved – competitors, volunteers, partners – is the rescheduling of the event for  May 28-29, 2022.

Participation fees are carried forward to 2022, and competitors who wish to withdraw from the anniversary edition (number 10) rescheduled in 2022, can do so by sending an e-mail to until April 30 2021. As a number of expenses have been incurred in advance, only 85% of the participation fee paid will be refundable after the 10th edition takes place.

We regret that we have to postpone the reunion with the mountain runners community once again. Until a new msg Marathon Apuseni start we hope to meet again on mountain trails and our group running sessions.