The Romanian Alpine Club Cluj Branch and the official partner msg Romania have decided to reschedule the 10th edition of msg Marathon Apuseni for May 29-30, 2021. This decision was taken in the context of the unprecedented and unpredictable spread of the COVID-19 infections. The new dates give the organizers the maximum time to deal with the changes and disruptions caused by the pandemic and to protect the health of the athletes, of everyone involved in the organization and the community of mountain runners.

msg Marathon Apuseni joins the fundraiser “We Stand Together”, with the help of which Beard Brothers volunteers purchase and distribute first aid sanitary supplies to hospitals in Romania. Runners are encouraged to donate their participation fee for the 2020 races to this cause and to support the medical community in the country.

With the new dates announced, the msg Maraton Apuseni team continues its efforts to organize the competition, together with the mountaineering community, partners and sponsors, according to the activity plan announced at the beginning of this year. News on this topic will be announced in the future.

WE STAND TOGETHER. Support for the medical community in the country.

In the context of the pandemic, hospitals need more and more materials, from equipment to daily supplies, to manage the spread of coronavirus cases and to prevent new infections. Hundreds of people and dozens of companies keep on donating and Beard Brothers volunteers use the funds to search for and purchase first aid supplies. So far, 1 pulmonary ultrasound, 2 video laryngoscopes, 2800 FFPS valve masks, 1704 protective glasses, 1268 liters of hand sanitizer have been delivered to hospitals in Cluj and other equipment is ordered or being delivered.

Beard Brothers have recently expanded their fundraising in the cities of Arad, Brasov and Suceava.

Athletes are encouraged to donate their participation fee

Athletes registered and validated at one of the 2020 msg Marathon Apuseni races who wish to join the campaign “We Stand Together” may choose to fully donate their participation fee to this cause. All they have to do is fill out this form and the competition organizers will direct the funds to the Beard Brothers association and the fundraiser in their city of choice .

“We love running, we love the mountains, but most of all we love to help the community we belong to. Every donation that goes into Beard Brothers accounts is a hugely important helping hand for the heroes in hospitals who sacrifice their health on a daily basis. Be a hero too and donate! ” Cornel Hoza, President, Beard Brothers Association

Competition fee: other options

Athletes who wish to receive a refund of their the participation fee can request this by e-mail at until April 12, 2020. As expenses have been made in advance for the 2020 edition, the organizers will be able to return 85% of the fee. 

In the absence of a response by April 12, 2020 regarding the management of the participation fee of athletes already validated for the May 2020 races (donation / refund), the organizers will move their registration for the 2021 races.