Ultramarathon 2018-03-20T21:14:44+00:00

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Ultramarathon course

Real length: aprox. 70 km

Altitude gain: + 3600 m

Configuration: marathon + 27 km

Hydration posts (PH): at “Colțul Rotund” 5,7 km from the Start.

Refreshment posts (PA): 9 (nine)

Control Posts: 9 (nine)

Start-Finish: Skiland Boading House, alt. 1390 m

Time limit: 14 h 30 min

Track gpx

Legend: PH – hydration post, PA – refreshment post, PC – control post

Ultra marathon course description

It will consist of the same route as the marathon (43 km and a 2500 altitude gain), to which a 27 km route with a 1100 altitude gain will be added.

Ultra marathon participation conditions

Recommended equipment: aside from the required equipment for the marathon race we recommend you to carry a headlamp and a gps track.

Runners will be accepted at the ultra marathon race if they have already finished a number of long mountain running races until the start of msg Maraton Apuseni. Should a competitor be deemed unfit for the ultramathon race he or she will be directed towards the marathon race. Therefore, it is recommended you pay the registration only after you discuss in advance with the organizers.