Apuseni Marathon msg systems invites you to join the team of volunteers who organize the trail running competition that passes through small villages, hills, rivers and peaks of Apuseni Mountains.

Regardless of your experience in organizing educational or sports events, we gladly welcome you in our team! You can choose the area you wish to volunteer in or a certain activity you want to get involved in, or maybe learn about. Continue reading the brief description of each opening where we need your help, fill in the form in here (link) and read details about the competition on the website www.maratonapuseni.ro, especially the sections about the Rules, Races and Registrations. This information will be very useful during your volunteering time at the  edition of the Apuseni Marathon msg systems.



Areas you can choose at Apuseni Marathon msg systems :



1. Muntele Baisorii mountain resort & Skiland Baisoara base camp


This is the ''command center'' of the competition. You will volunteer under the direct coordination of Claudiu and Dodi, and you will experience the full dynamics of the event, since a lot of activities take place here, in parallel. You can choose to get involved in:


  • The foto department: every event needs fotographers to immortalise the special moments of the contest. If you simply love photography, we await you in our team!

  • Start/Arrival: You will cheer for runners at the Start, and, most important, at the Arrival. The feeling of being encouraged and welcomed with joy after a long race is wonderful!

  • Registrations & race kits distribution/ Family Race: this is the only race where we will make registrations the day before and the day of the event. You will volunteer together with Mihai and Mihaela, and if you love interacting with children, it is the ideal place to be!

  • Race kits distribution: the race kits at the marathon, half marathon and cross will be distributed on the day of the event and a few days before. We will need you to prepare them and give them to competitors.

  • Logistics & Supplies: such a big event needs serious supplies. If you volunteer in this department you will help us deliver all the necessary equipment, food and beverages to the refreshment and hydration posts before the contest. You will also help us take everything back at the end of the competition.

  • Course marking, course cleaning, before & after the competition: every section of the courses will be marked with ribbons that will guide the runners. It is very important to have clearly signaled courses, but it is also very important to clean courses and leave them without traces of the race.

  • After party: if you want to volunteer in organizing the party that follows the festivities and you have a good sense of humour, this is your place at the Apuseni Marathon msg systems !




2. Săgagea, Izvorul Belioarei or along the course:


If you preffer volunteering ''remote'', we invite you to join the teams that run the seven check posts, the hydration posts or the six refreshment posts on the course, the team of mobile fotographers or the team of ''closers''. While volunteering in these teams you will fully enjoy the picturesque sceneries the Apuseni Mountains offer to the wandering eye!


  • Control Posts: you will check off every competitor passing by.

  • Hydration Posts: together with your team you will make sure every competitor that passes by the hydration post will find water or energyzing drinks available. You must be fast, runners musn`t lose time waiting to have them prepared.

  • Refreshment Posts: together with your team you will make sure all foods and beverages are ready in time, so that all competitors passing by the refreshment post will find available freshly cut fruits, sweets, water and energyzing drinks. Sometimes the runners arrive in waves. Here as well, you must be fast!

  • Mobile fotographers: we need photographers in various points on the course. You can choose the area you want or you can move, according to your inspiration!

  • Course closers: the last runners in each race will be accompanied in the course by volunteers who will make sure that nobody is left behind. You need strong legs and a good physical condition to be a course closer!


On each section of the course we will need one or two volunteers, in specific points set by the organizers, to encourage and guide the competitors! You will need to know the distance to the next PA and to the Arrival. All volunteers will receive more detailed instructions, written and verbal, before the competition.


If you want to enjoy the picturesque scenery of the Apuseni Mountains but do not want to run a race, if one of the openings if of interest to you, and, moreso, if you want to join the big Apuseni Marathon msg systems family, fill in the form in the bottom of the page and Anca Brisan, the volunteers coordinator will answer shortly.



Volunteer Form: Voluntar Maraton Apuseni msg systems. For questions write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We joyfully await you in our Apuseni Marathon msg systems family!