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Discover the charming Apuseni mountains by running!

Halfmarathon course | msg Maraton Apuseni

Real length: 21,1 km

Altitude gain: + 1.061 m

Configuration: composed of sections 1 and 4 of the marathon, connected by a 1,2 km ”strip” between PA-1 Bocsesti and La Stiolne.

 Hydration Post (PH), only one: at ”Colțu Rotund”, 5,7 km from the Start.

Refreshment Post (PA): 3 / PA-1 from La Bocsesti and PA-5 from Valea Vadului (end of forrest road) and the Arrival point.

Control Post (PC): 4 (four)

Start/Arrival: Skiland boarding house, altitude 1390 m

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Legend: PH – Hydration Post, PA – Refreshment Post, PC – Control Post

News: Compared to previous editions, during the first part of the course, after a few km from the start, runners leave the gravel road that surrounds the Buscat peak and continue on a climb left, towards the peak. From the peak the course will descend along the skiing slope to Sesu Cald.

Halfmarathon course description

After the start, competitors run for 1 km, uphill, on the main road leading to Muntele Mare and the saddle La Plopiș. From La Plopiș, the course leaves the main road and turns forward-right. Volunteers will show the direction and signalling ribbons will indicate the route. For the next 2,2 km the course surrounds to the right the Buscat peak on narrow forrest trails, passing by Izvorul Gabrienii, where runners will be able to quench their thirst. Next, in the first meadow (Buhuia) the course leaves the trail by suddenly turning left, taking runners 200 m through grass and no trails (it is a mountain marathon!). It then continues on a road that takes runners to the right on the Buscat peak 1676m, next to the terminus point of the cable car. Here runners will find the first check post, PC1 Buscat. From here the course descends on the opposite side, on the slope, reaching the parking lots from Sesu Cald, used in winter time by skiers. Runners will next join the main road, easily identified by its electric pillars. This road continues in a gentle climb untill Colțu Rotund, where one hydration post is set, at 5,7 km from the start and 5,7 km away from the first refreshment post, PA1.

From this point the course turns left on a narrow road until its maximum altitude: 1709 m ”Sub Pietrele Mărunte” where PC2 can be found. It descends to the left of a narrow trail and enters the forrest. At the crossroad with another (”mid-forrest”) road, the course turns left, passes through the meadow Stăuina Runcanilor and descends to the saddle La Crucea Crencii, situated on the border of Cluj and Alba counties.
Here, next to a sawmill, runners will be shown the direction of the course by a volunteer and signs indicating right, through the grass and a grass road traversing two springs (the source of Tisa valley – called Apa Rătăcită (Wondering Water), name inspired by the windings of the spring downstream). The course continues left, on the grass road, and after 11,4 km from the Start, it reaches the refreshment post PA-1 Bocșești, between the ”parish huts” bearing the same name.

From this point on, half marathonners will turn left and continue for 6,5 km more until the next refreshment post, PA-6. Once the courses split, half marathonners will run for 1,2 km descending on a narrow road taking them to La Știolne, where the marathon and half marathon courses meet again, at the intersection where on previous editions a ”mocanca (villager) from Săgagea” cheered you up and took photos of you (the locals here are called ”mocani”, not ”moți”!). From this point on, 8,5 km are left until the Arrival. Runners turn right, on a road and gentle slope that encourages accelerating the rhythm towards Valea Tisei where control point PC-6 is situated. The next PA, the last one, is 3,9 km away, and Finish is 7,1 km away. The course traverses Valea Tisei and climbs towards Zăpodie huts where on previous editions our photographers surprised you during your effort, and some of you even managed to surprise them, with your power to smile!

A short climb is left towards the heights of Dealul Boinic which will be traversed. Next, turn a little to the left, ”catching” another road that will encourage you to take advantage of the last descent leading to valea Vadului, that you can cross on a footbridge. From here, 1,6km are left until PA-6 and 4,8 km until the Finish. Turn left on the local road in Muntele Cacovei village (placed downstream). Follow the road upstream (to the left), traverse somewhere the small river and reach, after another 400 m, PA-6, the last one. The last 3,4 km to be run until the Finish line on a gravel road that soon enters the woods. In the place where the road turns to the right, after the bridge, you will find PC-7, the last control post. Until the Finish there are ony 1,6 km to run uphill, but it is not a steep climb and… it is the last! While exiting the forest, on seeing the first vacation chalets, you will also hear the pleasant atmosphere at the Finish. After passing the foundation of a few chalets destroyed by fire that you will see on your right hand side, turn left, and after an extra 600 m – regardless of your running time and place in the results – you will victoriously pass beneath the ”triumph arch” where FINISH is written! You will once again realise that most of all, you wanted to move outdoors, to compete against yourselves, to meet again fellow passionate friends, to make new friends and… when the fatigue passes, to be happy you were once again, ”wanderers through the past”.


The images, we, the organizers will load in the event photo albums, will help you to do what you did not manage to do during your run: to admire, little by little, those sceneries that seem to be taken out of history books.

Click here to see the traditional clothing worn by the locals from Sagagea on the day following the competition (the 50th day after Easter, Whit Sunday). Those people told us that your passage through the village, every spring, is a special event. They told it to us! These people watch you on Saturdays and admire how fast you are!
We would like to send many thanks to those who participated at previous editions of the Apuseni Marathon msg systems, and to thank you in advance for participating in this edition! See you at future editions of the Apuseni Marathon msg systems, at other mountain marathons and on other mountain trails!

The course was chosen and described by Dinu and Marlene Mititeanu, not marathon runners, but friends, admirers of your performances, and fine connoisseurs of the area.

Table: hydration (PH),  refreshment(PA) and control(PC) posts for marathon

Nr. Point name Type Km from start Altitude Km until finish
1 Start – pensiunea Skiland   0 1390 m 21.1
2 Șaua Plopiş   1 1482 m 20.1
3 Izvorul Găbrienii   2.8 1595 m 18.3
4 Poiana Buhuia1   3.3 1610 m 17.8
5 Buscat PC-1 3.9 1675 m 17.2
6 Şesul Cald   4.6 1554 m 16.5
7 Colţul Rotund PH 5.7 1628 m 15.4
8 Sub Pietrele Mărunte PC-2 6.5 1709 m 14.6
9 Intrare Pădure   7.8 1561 m 13.3
10 Mijloc Pădure   8.6 1421 m 12.5
11 Stăuina Runcanilor   9.6 1315 m 11.5
12 Crucea Crencii   10.5 1205 m 10.6
13 Bocşeşti PA-1 11.4 1202 m 9.7
14 Ştiolne   12.6 1167 m 8.5
15 Valea Tisa PC-6 14 1096 m 7.1
16 Zăpodie   14.4 1117 m 6.7
17 Deal Boinic   15.4 1219 m 5.7
18 Valea Vadului-2 PA-6 17.9 1195 m 3.2
19 Valea Vadului 3 PC-7 19.5 1291 m 1.6
20 Cabane arse   20.5 1357 m 0.6
21 Sosire la Skiland   21.1 1390 m 0