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Take the first steps in mountain running at msg Maraton Apuseni!

Traseul crosului Apuseni

Real length: 7 km

Altitude gain: + 440 m

Hydration Post (PH), only one: at ”Sesu Cald”, 4,7 km from the Start/Arrival

Control Post (PC): 2 (two), on Buscat peak and at the base of the skiing slope

Start/Arrival: Skiland boarding house, altitude 1390 m

Track gpx kmz

Legend: PH – Hydration Post, PC – Control Post

Course description

Until Sesu Cald (4,7km) the course follows the marathon and half marathon course. After the start, competitors run for 1 km uphill on the main road leading to Muntele Mare until La Plopis saddle, where they leave the main road, being directed forward-right by a volunteer and marked ribbons. For the next 2,2 km Buscat peak is passed by to the right side, on narrow forrest roads, passing by Izvorul Gabrienii, where thirsty runners will be able to quench their thirst. Next, after the first glade (Buhuia), the narrow road is abandonned by suddenly turning left, 200 m through the grass, without a trail (it`s a mountain running marathon!), then we take a road that climbs right on the Buscat peak 1676 m, next to the terminus point of the cable car. Here is PC 1 Buscat. Runners descend from this point, on the opposite side, on the slope, until they reach the parking lots in the Sesu Cald glade, used during winter times by tourists. Here cross runners leave the course used by marathon and half marathon runners, and turn left on the ski slope. Soon you will be able to quench you thirst at a PH. At the base of the slope, where the the cable car “starts” you will find another PC. Another 50 m follow uphill towards left, and then, the course continues on a forrest road, on a gentle descent. Towards the end, the road gently goes uphill, and touches a curve of the main road to the left. The cross course doens`t follow the road, but descends for about 100 m forward-right, meeting the marathon and half marathon course, then, it turns left towards the soon to be reached Arrival!

If you found the course easy and you enjoyed the run, you will train during the next editions of the Apuseni Marathon msg systems, and you will maybe compete in the future half marathon and marathon races! Good luck! Looking forward to meet you!